25 Social Media Contest Ideas To Promote Your Online Enterprise

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Social media contests are a demonstrated strategy for developing engagement on your enterprise’s owned social channels. Nice! The actual assignment is selecting the right contest to encourage your target audience to take part. A sweepstake? A photograph contest? Maybe a easy “Repost to Win” giveaway would do the trick. And what might spark hobby on Instagram? Is there a contest type that performs better on Facebook?

To answer these questions, we rounded up 25 contest merchandising thoughts for online agencies. With the proper instruction, you’ll be capable of shake up your target market and get more engaged eyes to your save. But earlier than we dive into those thoughts, permit’s go over some basics for walking a a success contest.

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How to Run a Successful Online Contest

Here are a few things to take into account earlier than you release your contest. These three steps will assist you craft a greater profitable contest with effects you may study from and perfect over the years.

A goal intention of social media contests

Going into the online contest, you need to have a clear benchmark for achievement so you can gauge whether or not or no longer the contest went properly. Your aim is probably some thing like:

  • 10% greater Facebook likes
  • XX new fans on Instagram
  • XX new e-mail subscribers

Set this intention before the contest begins so you can construct the contest around it via entry format, submission, etc.

Prize and winner selection technique

Outline what your prize might be (and make certain it’s some thing your contest individuals may be excited about) before the contest begins. Limited version items, gift cards, or a huge collection of products paintings nicely, as those have excessive cost to entrants.

Then, outline how the prize winner could be selected. If your contest is a sweepstakes, sites like Rafflecopter or Random.org can help ensure you’re deciding on a absolutely random winner (and may help hold your contest fair).

Promoting a commercial enterprise

Think approximately the way you’ll spread the word approximately your contest once it’s live. Social media and e mail will help you reach your present following, however how are you going to reach beyond your regular crowd? Some contests have sharing factors constructed in but don’t forget extra promotional components, along with:

  • Partnering with influencers
  • Running Facebook ads
  • Partnering with neighborhood agencies

Once you have got these three fundamental steps mentioned, you could start getting more precise approximately the contest itself. Here are a few ideas for contests you would possibly do this 12 months along with your on-line shop.

25 Social Media Contest Ideas to Promote Your Online Business1. Photo caption contest thoughts

Have members create a innovative or humorous caption for a photo you submit, and then pick your favourite as the winner. Ideally, the photograph will relate lower back to your keep or merchandise to keep the contest relevant. Pro tip: you may ask to caption brief videos for your contest as properly.

Shopkins’s contest for the most innovative caption

2. Video contest ideas

Leverage user-generated content material through having contributors create a short video as a contest entry. The video might show off a character the use of your product, sharing why they need to win your contest, or talking approximately why they love your brand. These memories may be remarkable methods to get testimonials to your emblem at the same time as incentivizing contest participants.

3. Essay contest thoughts

Ask participants to write an essay about why they appreciate your organisation and/or merchandise. You’ll find some tremendous consumer testimonies and quotes inside these essays you can leverage later, too.

four. Sweepstakes

Sweepstakes paintings nicely for getting new people to opt-in to your e mail listing, like/comply with/share your social media bills, or test out items from your keep and comment on a precise blog submit. Oftentimes, contributors can earn extra entries the more movements like those they whole. From there, a random winner or the one with the maximum votes is decided on at the contest’s stop.

Luster offered bonus prizes in addition to their sweepstakes

5. Share your exceptional hints contest

Let users proportion how they use your products with a contest geared towards participants sharing their excellent suggestions. This is a amusing and clean way for your audience to analyze hacks and suggestions approximately the use of your products — and creates a communicate on social media. Ask contributors to percentage their nice tip for the use of your merchandise, then choose the top appreciated tip or a random winner.

6. Selfie contest thoughts

Let customers input your contest through taking a “selfie” together with your product. This allows upload actual-existence context to what you’re selling — and suggests that you have already got masses of clients who love your merchandise. From right here, you may randomly choose a winner or permit your audience vote on their favorite selfie.

Suki Hairdressing gives a contest for their customers as a manner to enhance consumer loyalty

7. Instagram contests ideas

An on-line opposition thoughts that always works. Create a contest that encourages people to share photographs proposing your product or business on Instagram with a custom hashtag, and draw weekly or month-to-month winners. This allows construct brand attention and suggests your product being cherished through happy clients.

Instagram contest ideas can range depending on the content you want your contributors to put up. For example, you may ask your fans to publish an Instagram tale with a product review, create a publish the usage of your commercial enterprise’s custom filter or mask, percentage their story in feedback, or repost a picture of your product. Pro tip: Remind participants that if their profiles are private, you won’t be capable of see their entries.

A scavenger hunt is every other extremely good choice for Instagram. For example, arise with several puzzles or obligations that are published on Stories and/or in your feed. For example: “Answer a question on Stories,” or “Find [insert #] differences on  comparable images.” Participants want to whole every undertaking to enter, and the first follower to complete all tasks is crowned the winner.

eight. Share a photo contest

This greater commonplace photo-sharing contest that encourages contest contributors to percentage a photograph as an access. It may be a photograph of their favorite outfit featuring an item out of your keep, or a image of your pets playing their favored treats. The idea is to feature the product…but with the consumer’s non-public twist. Encourage members to be as creative as viable, and you can repurpose that user-generated content material later to post on your social channels.

FacePaint runs their annual contest for Halloween make-up snap shots

nine. Facebook contest ideas

Almost any kind of contest can be modified to fit any social media platform. However, some contest ideas may be better desirable for Facebook. Here are some properly Facebook contest thoughts:

  • A Q&A contest: submit a submit with a query and the first man or woman to comment with the accurate answer wins. This works terrific for fast, one-day contests.
  • Vote for a Product: Let your followers vote for their preferred product or your next new product, then pick a winner at random from the followers who voted. This kind of contest earns double factors because it also offers you with treasured records — like what product to order, what to create next, or what to put money into.
  • Take a Quiz and Share Your Result: for this contest, you’ll need to arise with a quiz (strive any quiz maker on line), and then pick out a winner from folks who share their results on their Facebook web page.

You can also use Facebook features to increase engagement on your page for the duration of your contest. For instance, if you need to growth audience size for your subsequent Facebook Live, use that Live consultation to announce the winner of a contest. Keep that during mind whilst thinking about Facebook contest ideas.

10. Drawing/portray contest thoughts

Encourage your target market to get artsy with a drawing or portray contest. Have them create an creative representation of their favorite product from your save, and then open up balloting to see which one your target audience likes first-rate.

You also can accomplice with artists and ask them to choose a winner based on their abilties. And you could actually have two winners to inspire extra participation: one based totally on abilities and execution and every other based on the variety of likes/shares.

eleven. Cutest puppy contest

Ideal for pet-centric on line shops, cutest pet contest are a incredible way to get contributors to percentage pix of their bushy pals and to inspire vote casting, sharing, and promoting of your store. Plus, it’s a easy manner to examine more about your animal customers!

12. Recipe contest ideas

Especially around the holidays, a recipe contest is a fantastic way to get humans sharing their favored meals and tips for dishes. If you’ve got a meals-related on line store, see if you may tie the recipe contest into your merchandise and inspire entrants to create something new with your products.

Pro tip: you could create recipe contests during the holidays tied to famous seasonal dishes or flavors.

13. Fill in the clean contest

Ad libs and fill in the blank contests can assist power people to your online shop through checking out human beings’s understanding. Ask a query like: “The Ecwid weblog first posted on  ________ date?” to make human beings seek out the answer within your internet site. You can randomly pick a accurate answer or deliver it to the first correct reaction.

14. Trivia contest thoughts

Test your audience’s expertise with minutiae questions about your emblem. Again, you could force save visits through asking surprisingly specific questions about your brand’s history, your merchandise, or by using the use of snippets of product pictures.

15. Product-a-day giveaway

“Repost” and “Tag a Friend” giveaways are quite not unusual these days. If you need to appeal to extra participation, attempt some thing exceptional with a greater tempting praise. For example, a week-long, product-a-day giveaway. Each day, you may award a wonder product to a random contest player who stocks your Facebook status or remarks on a specific put up.

sixteen. Name a new product contest

Let your target audience get worried with naming your products by difficult them to call a new product you’re freeing. Encourage puns, a play on phrases, or a deep know-how of your brand. You can permit human beings vote on the call they like high-quality, or you may self-select the name you suspect is pleasant.

Name It contests also assist to growth fans’ engagement

17. Curated Pinterest board contest

If your target market is one in every of avid Pinterest customers, leverage this social network and create a contest round it. To enter your contest, participants can create a curated Pinterest board providing merchandise out of your store and different associated pins for a topic you designate, like “fall weddings” or “bikini climate.”

18. Build a lookbook contest

Challenge your individuals you create a lookbook round your merchandise. This may even end up a advertising asset you function for your keep. Just recall: This is a huge challenge, so be positive the prize is proportionate–it desires to be worth it!

19. Mother’s day story contest

Have people proportion a tale approximately their moms in honor of Mother’s Day, and speak approximately why they think their Mom merits a prize package on her special day. Then, randomly pick a winner from the submissions.


20. Father’s day story contest

Same as Mother’s Day–but with dads. Encourage humans to have fun their families and tell tales approximately their loved ones. This is a excellent way to earn organic stocks on social media!

21. Win an afternoon/session with an influencer contest

If you’re partnering with an influencer for a contest, your prize is probably an in-individual session with that influencer for some thing his or her uniqueness can be. Maybe it’s a redecorating consultation, a makeover, a closet revamp–you call it. A danger to get one-on-one time with an expert influencer can force participation in a massive manner.

Bloggers and entrepreneurs Elsie and Emma from A Beautiful Mess did this successfully: Their contest blanketed a grand prize that became an in-individual decorating session in which they helped one lucky winner re-fashion a room in their domestic (in character!)

22. Win a gift card contest

Rather than designating a precise object for your contest, upload some mass enchantment by making your prize a present card. This can appeal to more participation, as it shall we the winner pick out anything he or she needs.

23. Vote for your favorite item contest

Find out which objects your target audience actually likes by developing a contest in which human beings vote for their favored items from your keep. At the identical time, every body who participates is entered to win in a random prize drawing. Think of it as a sort of interactive consumer survey!

24. Holiday adorning contest

Get in the holiday spirit by way of encouraging contest contributors to enhance holiday items — but with a branded twist. Entries might be carved or painted Jack-O-Lanterns together with your brand, cookies iced together with your products, or unsightly Christmas sweaters that endure your logo call.

Encourage your customers to be creative with their entries

25. Create a jingle contest

Go vintage-college and create a contest in which members ought to create a jingle for your brand. You’ll get a few free advertising–and you may find your next advertising rent!

What’s Next: Use Contests to Promote Your Online Store

If a contest feels like a excellent fit for your on-line keep, right here are the subsequent steps you need to take to get the ball rolling.

  • Choose 1-3 on-line contests ideas which you want to run during the subsequent 12 months to power sales.
  • Outline your target dreams for the contests (whether or not it’s to force sales, to develop your audience, or otherwise.)
  • Outline your prizes for your contests, and get a plan in region for the way you’ll select your winner.
  • Get a method in vicinity for advertising your contests, and start pulling together the portions (and capacity partners you’ll need) to cause them to a hit.
  • With some making plans and approach in vicinity, you may put into effect a few smart contests in the course of the yr to raise your on-line income and develop your target audience in a manner you may by no means have dreamed earlier than.

    Just don’t forget: Don’t overdo it, and make your contests worthwhile for the participants. They shouldn’t bankrupt your enterprise, but they shouldn’t be underwhelming for the audience, either. Introducing two or 3 new virtual competition thoughts for the duration of the yr is a right manner to get commenced and can maintain your promotional price range in take a look at.

    Your flip: What’s the most a hit contest you’ve ever run? We’d like to listen approximately it!

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